The Family

  • Antonis Patakos (1925-2008)


    The father, founder of the Hotel. Born in Kos and from early age worked in farms trying to support his parents. In 1958 left to Australia and worked for General Motors. In 1974 he came back to Greece and decided to create his own business, the Hotel where he devoted the rest of his life. In 1996 slowly he left many responsibilities to his children, but was always present at his «creation»!



  • Katerina Patakou


    The mother, the soul of the Hotel. Born in Kos and at the age of 18 left to Australia and worked in Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. In 1977 went back to Greece and together with her husband, became his right hand in the development of the business. Katerina, you will find her at the Hotel usually from 10.00 am - 16.00 pm.

  • Chrysanthe Patakou-Markoglou


    The daughter, the beautiful presence in the Hotel. Born in Australia and finished school in Greece. Married to Stamatis Markoglou. They have three sons, George, Antonis and Nikos. She is trained in life insurance and she is working also as an insurer. At the Hotel you will find her from 15.30 pm - 18.30 pm.

  • Dimitris Patakos


    The son, the steam-engine of the Hotel. Born in Australia and finished school in Greece. Studied civil engineering and business administration in Athens. As well as running the hotel, he works also as a property value estimator specialized in Hotel properties. Married to Sevi Hatzistergou and have two daughters, Eleni and Katerina. Dimitris, you will find him most of the time at Hotel. Usually from 08.30 am - 13.00 pm and from 18.00 pm - 22.00 pm.


  • Stamatis Markoglou


    The son-in- law, and «number-cruncher»...! Born in Kos and studied economics in Athens. Has an accounting office in Kos town. At the Hotel you will find him usually from 06.30 am - 09.00 am.

  • Sevi Hatzistergou


    The daughter-in-law, the "think-tank" of the Hotel. Born in Kos and studied nursing in Patra. Sevi usually comes in the evening hours and gives new ideas concering the hotel.

  • Mini

    Mini - The mascot

    Our small dog, the mascot. Surely our mascot should have been the Koalas but unfortunately they can’t survive in Greece so therefore mini is our mascot. Her working hours is from 15.30 pm - 18.30 pm but please... don’t disturb her when she’s sleeping!!!

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The Hotel opened in 1978, guests soon become friends with the family and come again and again!

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