Social Responsibility

Our Hotel places great importance on human values and environmental protection. Together with our staff we take care for the working environment, the preservation of nature, the social and culture life.

  • environment-smallWe aim at efficient use of materials available, regular monitoring and reduction of electricity, water and petrol consumption.

    • Electronic cards in all rooms
    • Air condition stops automatically when balcony door opens
    • Water save program
    • Solar system for hot water

    Specifically some of our actions on water save are:

    • Encourage guests not to throw towels on the floor. Normally we change towels every two days.
    • Special shower heads
    • Garden watering very early in the morning or after sunset
    • At the end of season the water in pool after 7 days is used for garden watering
  • general-smallOur Hotel places great emphasis on actions to protect the environment. Specifically some of our actions are:

    • Use of environment-friendly materials
    • Recycling programme for lamps and lighting fitting
    • Paper Recycling
    • Batteries Recycling
    • Recycling aluminum cans
  • society-optimizedIn the last five years, amid the difficult economic situation, our Hotel continues to offer important social contribution. Specifically, some of our actions are:

    • Offering mattresses in the prison of Kos Island
    • Offering room furniture to people in need
    • Many times our customers leave some clothes behind. The Hotel collects them and at the end of season we offer them to charitable institutions.
  • CultureOur Hotel supports actions aimed at preserving and disseminating Greek culture. For this reason you may find information at reception about all the monuments in Kos and cultural events throughout the season.

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